Events for 03/19/18

[06:30 PM] Code of Ethics

Events for 03/20/18

[10:30 AM] REALTOR® Safety Course
The REALTOR® Safety program is a 4 1/2 hour course to show how real estate professionals can limit risk to preserve their safety, their clients' safety and for positive business outcomes. Students will learn how to assess risk in their current practice and create safety systems, scripts, and tools for listing appointments, showing property, conducting open houses, and fraud against them. Students will also learn how to protect personal, online, and social network information.

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Events for 03/22/18

[09:45 AM] Professional Headshots @ H/SAR
Get your professional headshots done at H/SAR

Photographer Zenia Miller of Agent Photos Online will be at the office March 22, 2018 from 9:45am to 3:00pm to do agent headshots.

Contact Zenia Millia at 1-877-774-4720 or via email at for pricing and to schedule your photography session!

Events for 03/23/18

[09:30 AM] Commercial Real Estate Bootcamp

In this course, students will successfully understand hot to construct a commercial real estate deal, to work with Buyers and Sellers of commercial properties and considering entering the commercial real estate arena.

3 Elective Credits

Events for 03/26/18

Events for 03/29/18

[09:30 AM] 2017 NJR® Circle of Excellence
This prestigious program comprises two awards: The NJ Realtors® Circle of Excellence® Sales Award® and the NJ Realtors® Distinguished Sales Club. New Jersey Realtors® is proud to have so many members who are experts in their field, advocates in their communities and leaders amongst their peers.

This year's ceremony will be at the Watchung Valley Golf Club and will include a full breakfast buffet.

Events for 04/04/18

Events for 04/05/18

[09:00 AM] At Home With Diversity (NAR Certification Course)

Learn to work effectively with, and within, today's diverse real estate market. This course teaches you how to conduct your business with sensitivity to all client profiles and build a business plan to successfully serve them.

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Events for 04/12/18

[10:00 AM] RPAC Committee
[10:00 AM] USDA Rural Development Affordable Housing Program

This course will provide an in-depth overview of USDA programs and focus on lending practices that meld well in Rural Development Housing programs.
  • Agency mission and overview
  • Why USDA?
  • Applicant eligibility
  • Property requirements
  • Direct vs. guaranteed

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Events for 04/16/18

[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics

Events for 04/18/18

Events for 04/26/18

[10:00 AM] H/SAR Annual Blood Drive
Come out to donate blood and show your support for H/SAR's Annual Blood Drive on April 26, 2018!

The Community Blood Council of New Jersey, Inc will use your donation to support local hospitals in the surrounding New Jersey & Pennsylvania communities. Your donation can save lives!

Events for 04/27/18

[09:30 AM] Residential Leasing in New Jersey (3 Core Credits)

This course covers all topics associated with leasing property to residential tenants, including:
  • How to legally screen and adminster the tenancy
  • Basic legal provisions
  • How to handle potential problems and issues
  • Fair Housing laws
  • Service animals
  • ADA
  • Eviction and recovery of losses

Events for 05/02/18

Events for 05/09/18

[09:00 AM] Seller Representative Speialist (SRS) Course (6 Core + 6 Elective Credits)

The SRS course provides a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training, and resources to help real estate professionals represent the interest of sellers in today's marketplace.

The two-day course satisfies all of the NJREC CE requirements of the current license renewal period. 6 Core + 6 Elective credit (including ethics).

For the complete requirements to earn the SRS designation, please visit:

Events for 05/21/18

[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics

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[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics

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[05:30 PM] Code of Ethics

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Events for 10/04/18

[09:00 AM] How to Make Money in 30 Days!
Sessions 10/4/18 & 10/11/18. Must attend both sessions.

1. CRM and Finding Leads
2. Social Media Web Presence & Hot Stuff
3. Hot to Get Started/Common Sense

Events for 10/08/18

Events for 10/15/18

[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics

Events for 10/17/18

[09:00 AM] Environmental Concerns in the Real Estate Transaction (3 Core Credits)
Understanding disclosure, regulations and red flags will be reviewed for various environmental hazard (lead paint, mold, asbestos, septic tanks, wells). The seminar will also discuss the impact of the NJ environmental regulations in the real estate transaction.

3 Core Credits

Events for 10/30/18

[09:00 AM] Social Media, Laws and Ethics - Do's and Dont's (3 Core Credits)

A real estate lincensee today spends much of their time online and on various social media sites. Through the use of various examples/situations, the material will review legal and ethical obligations as well as good business practice. This will not be limited to licensing obligations, but will extend to disucssions about privacy and copyrights.

3 Core Credits
[01:00 PM] Multiple Offers - Be Prepared
This course reviews the options/strategies buyers have to increase their chance of seeing their offer accepted, sellers have to make the right choice, and overall keeping good working relationships.

This course will review the legal obligations (such as confidentiality issues, disclosures, escalation clauses) as well as the various scenarios buyers and sellers may encounter, discuss the pros and cons of various strategies, so that clients can ultimately make an informed decision on their course of action. Risk management suggestions for licensee facing multiple offers will conclude this course.

2 Ethics & 1 Core Credit

Events for 10/31/18

[09:00 AM] E-Pro Certification Course

NAR's e-Pro certification teaches you to use cutting-edge technologies and digital initiatvse to link up with today's savvy real estate consumer.

Please note: this certification is a 2-day course. Day 1 will be done in-class on 10/31. Day 2 can only be done online, individually by each student.

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[05:30 PM] Code of Ethics

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[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics

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