Events for 10/15/18

[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics
[10:00 AM] Budget N Finance Meeting
Budget and Finance meeting 

Events for 10/17/18

[09:00 AM] Environmental Concerns in the Real Estate Transaction (3 Core Credits)
Understanding disclosure, regulations and red flags will be reviewed for various environmental hazard (lead paint, mold, asbestos, septic tanks, wells). The seminar will also discuss the impact of the NJ environmental regulations in the real estate transaction.

3 Core Credits
[01:00 PM] Advertising Regulations (3 Core Credits)

A large part of the real estate business involves advertising either properties or oneself. This course is designed to review not only the state requirements but also other various legal obligations such as the Code of Ethics, Fair Housing obligations, Truth in Lending law, and more. (3 Core Credits)
[05:00 PM] Affiliate Happy Hour

Events for 10/18/18

[11:30 AM] RESCHEDULED - Broker Staff Luncheon
Due to the HSAR & MCAR merger the Broker Staff Luncheon will be rescheduled for early 2019.

Events for 10/21/18

Events for 10/22/18

[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics

Events for 10/23/18

[10:00 AM] REALTOR® Safety
The REALTOR® Safety program is a course to show how real estate professionals can limit risk to preserce their safety, their clients' safety and for positive business outcomes. Students will learn how to assess risk in their current practice and create safety systems, scripts, and tools for listing appointments, showing property, conducting open houses and fraud against them. Students will also learn how to protect personal information online and on social networks. As a practical resource, this course offers easy to remember strategies for real estate professionals when facing potentially dangerous situations.

3 Core Credits

Events for 10/24/18

[10:00 AM] GSMLS Tips & Tricks
This course is an overview of the many functions of the MLS:
  • Functions not covered in the Intro to GSMLS class
  • Functions that may have been forgotten since taking the Intro Course
  • Functions that have been added over time that many agents are not aware of
  • Introduction to the new User Inerface that can be used across all 3 platforms - computer, tablet, and phone - and will soon be the only User Interface for
This will also be an opportunity to have any questions on your specific use of MLS answered and discussed.

Events for 10/26/18

[12:00 PM] How to Take of Your Home
Join us for a very informative presentation about home maintenance tips and tricks that every homeowner should know. Many topics will covered, including:
  • The importance of the right washing machine hoses and ice maker hoses
  • How to turn water off in an emergency
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Septic maintenance

Anne will also cover real safety concerns in your home like dryer vent cleaning, garage doors, tripping hazards and chimney safety. You will want to hear her tips for tools you should own, the importance of a home maintenance calendar and all the questions and documents to ask when hiring and prospective contractor.

Events for 10/31/18

[09:00 AM] E-Pro Certification Course

NAR's e-Pro certification teaches you to use cutting-edge technologies and digital initiatvse to link up with today's savvy real estate consumer.

Please note: this certification is a 2-day course. Day 1 will be done in-class on 10/31. Day 2 can only be done online, individually by each student.

Events for 11/02/18


Events for 11/05/18

Events for 11/07/18

Events for 11/08/18

[09:30 AM] Top 10 Ways to Lose Your Real Estate License
In this course, students will be familiar with the most common license laws and rule violations that typically result in license revocation.
The course will identify the nature of violations and discuss case studies of pertinent disciplinary actions decided by the Real Estate Commission.

 2 Core Credits

[12:30 PM] Fiduciary Duties in Agency Relationships
In this course, students will be familiar with the fiduciary duties that are imposed by law on persons who undertake to represent others as their agent and the ways in which those duties are qualified by certain statutory laws and commission rules and limited when operating as a disclosed dual agent.

This course will review the various fiduciary duties, the obligations they impost on agents, and the limitations on them imposed by other authorities. References to pertinent decisions by the N.J. Real Estate Commission will be made as applicable.

1 Core Credit

Events for 11/12/18

Events for 11/13/18

[09:00 AM] Home Staging Accreditation

Earn the Designation that gives you the best marketing edge over your competitors! Gain more listings and sell homes faster by learning proven and successful ASP® Real Estate Staging.

This two day training course is specifically designed for Licensed Real Estate Agents wanting to lis and sell more homes through the benefits of ASP® Home Staging!

Day 1: Learn How to Educate Your Clients and the Real Estate Agents You Work with and Meet (classroom)

Day 2: Staging Day - Experience the "Magic" of Transforming an Actual Home with ASP® Staging

Events for 11/14/18

[09:00 AM] YPN Committee

Events for 11/15/18

[09:30 AM] RPAC Committee

Events for 11/16/18

Events for 11/19/18

[05:30 PM] Code of Ethics

Events for 11/22/18

Events for 11/23/18

Events for 11/30/18

[09:00 AM] Social Media, Laws and Ethics - Do

A real estate lincensee today spends much of their time online and on various social media sites. Through the use of various examples/situations, the material will review legal and ethical obligations as well as good business practice. This will not be limited to licensing obligations, but will extend to disucssions about privacy and copyrights.

3 Core Credits
[01:00 PM] Multiple Offers - Be Prepared
This course reviews the options/strategies buyers have to increase their chance of seeing their offer accepted, sellers have to make the right choice, and overall keeping good working relationships.

This course will review the legal obligations (such as confidentiality issues, disclosures, escalation clauses) as well as the various scenarios buyers and sellers may encounter, discuss the pros and cons of various strategies, so that clients can ultimately make an informed decision on their course of action. Risk management suggestions for licensee facing multiple offers will conclude this course.

2 Ethics & 1 Core Credit

Events for 12/12/18

[09:00 AM] YPN Committee

Events for 12/13/18

[09:30 AM] RPAC Committee

Events for 12/17/18

[09:30 AM] Code of Ethics

Events for 12/24/18

Events for 12/25/18