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2018 Realtors® Care Day

Author: Roxanne Daiuto
Written On: Tue, 14 Aug 2018

REALTORS® Care Day is a program that arranges for volunteers to assist eligible homeowners with minor or nonstructural exterior home repairs. As part of its commitment to sustaining affordable workforce housing, this all-day communitywide effort assists homeowners with critical, and often expensive, exterior home repairs. Some of the repairs included replacing gutters, ripping out weeds and overgrown trees, painting side steps and foundations, spreading mulch, replanting plants, and miscellaneous landscaping. The work is done by the Association’s members, and also by local landscapers, general contractors, disposal services, and others who volunteer to participate by donating supplies and services.

This year's REALTORS® Care Day will be on October 10th where we will be volunteering at a home in Hillsborough, NJ. Sign up to volunteer now!